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Seven kids attending a summer camp in Japan are transported to an alternate world linked to ours by the Information Superhighway. That's why it is called Digiworld. The kids make friends with strange creatures called Digimon who become stranger as they "digivolve". During the course of the story, the kids learn that they and the Digimon are the only hope of saving both Earth and Digiworld from total destruction.
A group of young teens is unexpectedly sent to the mysterious Digital World and paired up with their own powerful, morphing monster called the Digimon. Together the entire group set out on an adventure to fight evil and save the world.
digimon is really a appalling 100% blatant rip-off of pokemon. i mean come on! look, if you're really going to watch some anime, go watch dragonball Z or something! it's better than this 100% piece of garbage. for my reviews, i gave out an award called "malaria's swamp" trophy for the worst TV show for an anime fans whether they like it or not. i mean, cartoons and anime now-a-days make rip-offs of TV shows. digimon is supposed to be a decent parody of pokemon, but i am not mean or nothing. some characters can be parodies of others, some of them are good, and sometimes the characters by negative reception reviews can be bad, or rip-offs. animation: 10/10. characters: 4/10. overall: 5/10.
i first saw Digimon when it was aired on fox kids. from the first episode it caught my attention and i loved it very much.<br/><br/>i know many people say it&#39;s a rip off Pokémon but actually Digimon excised almost ten years earlier and the only two things they have in common is the ending of the name (mon) and the fact that the kids are together with cute and strange figures<br/><br/>Digimon is an very matured series, even though it seems to be for young kids. The kids stuck in Digiworld have the same problems as everyone has, like Izzy being adopted, Sora&#39;s bond with her mother, Matt and T.k&#39;s divorced parents, Joe&#39;s tough dad, spoiled Mimi and Tai&#39;s older brother role over Kari.<br/><br/>the kids are on summer camp when they become stuck in the Digiworld and meet all these strange creatures and befriend some of them. they have to work together with them to save their world. these kids have to be unselfish and fight for something like they never had to do. because of this they become more mature and get great personality.<br/><br/>Digimon is never without problems but even through the fighting there are lighter moments and times which makes the show easy to watch even for the younger watchers.if anything, people can learn great things from Digimon cause not only is it entertaining, it also educates the watchers without it being strange or stupid.<br/><br/>it has been a very long time since i saw Digimon but i still miss it a lot. the show is fit for young and old.<br/><br/>i rate this show a 9 cause even though there are some errors and flaws in the show. the characters are so well worked out that you can live into them without trouble and understand all of their emotions. besides the plot is nicely worked out without questions being left in the end.

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