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Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale are still spies for the mean little country of Pottsylvania, where, sandwiched between the nations Wrestlemania and Yoursovania, the Cold War is still frigid. Their Fearless Leader hatches a plan to capture a time-reverse micro-chip, using the two spies as high-profile patsies. They clumsily defect to America and try to unravel F.L.'s master plan. But can these dim-witted fools survive a secret assassin, exploding potatoes and the temptations of capitalism? And what of their old foes, "Moosk unt Squoirrel"?
The classic cartoon spies, Boris and Natasha, get their very own live-action adventure. Sent to America to find an important microchip, the usually villainous duo begin to question who they're working for and why.
I have to begin this review by saying this movie is classic Get Smart style humor. If you don&#39;t like Get Smart, this movie isn&#39;t for you.<br/><br/>The reason why this movie has mixed reviews is entirely and exclusively because people watch it thinking it&#39;s the cartoon. It&#39;s not. In fact, there&#39;s only one minor drawback, but it&#39;s a spoiler so I won&#39;t go into detail. Having said that, I&#39;m still giving it 10 stars because I can&#39;t give 9 and 1/2.<br/><br/>What to expect when you watch this movie:<br/><br/>* Get Smart style humor, from the point of view of the bad guys. * Hogan&#39;s Heroes style humor where the bad people are sympathetic, but only so far you don&#39;t want them to die, but at the same time you don&#39;t want them to succeed. * Classic Humor. Basically, you will get slow parts. The slow parts exist for a reason. You can&#39;t have a point by point fast forward laugh track or it&#39;d be too much. This kind of comedy, unfortunately, is lost on many in my generation. I find it to be perfect pacing, but I&#39;m a big fan of classics, such as the &quot;Road To&quot; movies. * The Narrator breaks it up and adds some spice to the show. * Sight gags. If you have it on in the background you easily miss 60% of the jokes. * Puns that are gone as quick as they appear, so if you aren&#39;t paying attention, you&#39;re gonna miss the remaining 40% of the jokes.<br/><br/>Boris and Natasha rely on terrible jokes, ridiculous situations, and a plot that shouldn&#39;t exist - because that&#39;s a classic form of comedy. It&#39;s like Adam West&#39;s Batman and his Emergency Can of Tomato Soup, or his bad one liners like &quot;Some days you just can&#39;t get rid of a bomb!&quot;<br/><br/>You gotta be in the right mood, you gotta love this type of comedy. If you are neither, you won&#39;t enjoy it.<br/><br/>I actually kinda wish there was a live action series based off this. Kinda reminds me of that cartoon Kaput and Zosky - two aliens who travel the galaxy trying to conquer other worlds.
I just can&#39;t understand what people find to hate about this movie. Personally, I love it, but even then, everyone I&#39;ve shown it to at least enjoy it, and mostly really like it.<br/><br/>The bench mark test is the first ten minutes of the film. If you don&#39;t laugh during that, (and with as many silly references and witty wordplay you should) you won&#39;t during the rest of the film, because the humor stays at that same level.<br/><br/>The comedy is quick, witty, and just as silly as the original Rocky and Bullwinkle show. The plot is complicated and keeps you guessing. And the surprise ending is brilliant.<br/><br/>In all, this is an incredibly underrated little film; if you like the original show you would be in a sorry state not to catch this movie.

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